BNC Connectors

Description :
Bestnet BNC series connectors are general-purpose, low-cost miniature connectors, with a frequency range of DC–4 GHz and 50 Ω impedance, designed to MIL-PRF-39012 requirements. Their bayonet-type interface provides quick mating and unmating, and prevents accidental disconnection from pulling forces on the cable. Automatic BNC cable connectors are available with nine standard cable attachment types for flexible and semi-rigid cable:
Mechanical Specifications :
Engagement Force 2.5 in-lbs. Max.Torque
Disengagement Force 3lbs. Max.axial force
Coupling Nut Retention 100 lbs. min.
Contact Retention 6 lbs. min
Durability (Mating) 500 cycles min. (for Beryllium copper female contact only)
Electrical Specifications :
Impedance 50 ohm 75 ohm
Frequency Range 0-4 Ghz 0-2 Ghz
Working Voltage 500 VRMS sea level 500 VRMS sea level
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500 VRMS min. at sea level 1500 VRMS min. at sea level
VSWR Straight: 1.3 max. Straight: 1.3 max.
Right Angle : 1.5 max. Right Angle : 1.5 max.
Contact Resistance Center Contact : 3 Milliohms Max.
Outer Contact : 2 Milliohms
Max.Center Contact : 3 Milliohms Max.
Outer Contact : 2 Milliohms Max.
Insulator Resistance 5000 megohms min. 5000 megohms min.
Material Specifications :
Parts Name Material Finish
Body, Metal Parts Brass per QQ-B-626 Nickel Plated
Center Contacts Male: Brass per QQ-B-626
Beryllium Copper Per QQ-C-530 or Phospher Bronze per QQ-B-750
Gold or silver per Requirement
Gold or silver per Requirement
Insulators Teflon, Derlin, PBT Polyster None
Crimp Ferrules Annealed Copper Nickel or silver as per requirement
Clamp gaskets Silicone rubber, Synthetic rubber None
Note : Other Material / Finish is available on request
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