Coaxial D-Sub Connector

Description :
Combination D-SUB Connectors provide the ideal solution for applications to require power, signal and coaxial connections within one connector. This series of connectors achieves space saving on PCB's and I/O designs.
Within this product family are various pin out configurations possible. Almost endless selections can be created mixing power, signal and coaxial contacts.
Specifications :
Shell  Steel, Tin Plated
Insulator     PBT & 30% G.F Black (UL94V-0)
Contact Brass 0.07mm (30")
   Gold Plated 1.27mm (30") min
Nickel Underplate over entire contact
Max Insertion Force 12.7kg - Total Connector
Max. Extraction Force   1.7kg - Total Connector
Contact Retention Contact Shell w/s 4.1kg axial load
Electrical Characteristics :
Current Rating 3 amp Max
Operating Voltage 250 volts Max
Contact Resistance 20milliohms Max
Insulation Resistance 5000 Megohms Min
Breakdown Voltage 1000 Volts for 1min.
  Between contact to shell or
  adjacent contacts
Operating Temp. -55°c~105°c
Pin Diagram :
      Description Table
Part No. Plug Part No. Socket
13W3P 13W3S
15-Way 3W3P 3W3S
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