D-Sub High Density Right Angle Connector

Description :
90 degree angle pin high density d sub type d filter. All connectors are intermateable with any D-sub of comparable pin count and density, or the D-sub connector of any other manufacturer complying dimensionally with Uniform standards.Solder terminations and boardlocks meet the requirements for solderability in accordance with MIL-STD-202, Method 208.The d-sub connectors are usually available in plugs and sockets in 9, 15, 25, 26, 37, 44, 50, 62 and 78 position sizes, also in different types.
The D-sub connector is one of the most popular styles of connectors in the I/O category. It is used in computer, telecom, datacom, medical, and test instrumentation applications as well as in the military and aerospace fields.
Material & Finishes :
Insulator PBT Glass filled  Nylon-6T UL 94V-0
Brass (M) Brass or Phosphor bronze (F)
Shell Steel
Plating Contact
1. Gold Flash (Complete)
2. Selective gold over nickel plated (contact area) tin/lead over nickel plated (tail area)
Shell  Tin or Zinc over Copper Plated
Elecrtical Characteristics :
Rating Current 3 Amp
Contact Resistance < 15 Milli OHM / < 25 MilliOHM
Insulation Resistance   > 3000 MegOHM at 500 V
Dielectric Voltage 1000V at 1 minute / 500V at 1 minute (108D Series)
Operating Temperature -55° c to +105° c
Pin Diagram :
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