Din / Minidin Connector

Description :
This connector can be used for connecting to a device that has a mini din connection, it has many audio and video uses and is commonly used in the following applications.
1) Apple Mac serial ports
2) Epson serial ports
3) Some graphics cards
Material & Finishes :
Insulator PBT Glass filled UL 94V-0
Cover PVC
Contact   Copper Alloy
Shell Steel
Plating Contact
1.Tin Plated (Complete)
2.Gold Flash (Complete)
3.Selective gold over nickel plated (contact area) tin/lead over nickel plated (tail area)
-- Shell Nickel plated
Elecrtical Characteristics :
Rating Current 1 Amp
Contact Resistance < 15 Milli OHM
Insulation Resistance   :> 1000 MegOHM at 500 V
Dielectric Voltage 1000V at 1 minute
Operating Temperature -55° c to +105° c
DIN CONNECTOR :- No of Contact 3, 4, 5 Male/Female - Female Right Angle
Mini DIN Cable Type
Mini DIN Right Angle
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