2 Core Audio Cable

Description :
"The Bestnet 2 core Audio Cable is a high quality, dual shielded pair cable designed for routing balanced Stereo MIC or Line level audio signals in commercial / residential AV systems.
Features :
» Flexible & rugged jacket with sequential marking every meter.
» Feature a shorting fold technique to maintain metal-to-metal contact for improved high-frequency performance.
» Foil shields bonded to the jacket provide easy stripping & faster installation
 Specification :
Brand Name Bestnet
Conductor Size 2x20 AWG
Material Tinned Copper
Core 2 core, Red / Black PVC insulated, twisted & diameter 1.85 - 2mm
Drain Wire 20 AWG, Tinned Copper
Screening AL-foil / Mylar overlap 25% Min.
Jacket Black colour PVC insulated with diameter 5.5 - 5.8mm
Temperature Rating 75OC
Insulation Resistance DC-500V 10mΩ/km Min at 20OC
Conductor Resistance 20AWG - 13.7Ω/km Max at 20OC
Impedance 40 - 100Ω
Length 100 Mtrs
Applications :
» Audio Cable are used in wiring up headphones, 3.5mm extension cables, etc. 3mm Jacket. 7x0.2mm(x2) plus a shield.
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