4 IN 1 OUT VGA Switch W/Remote

Description :
4 IN 1 OUT VGA+AUDIO Switch (Remote Control) it arrow you to switch 4pcs computer vga+audio signal to one monitor or projector freely.
Features :
» Multiple PCs switch, fancy appearance, easily installation.
» Support all kinds of operating systems.
» Support plug and play (PNP), add or remove the computers at will, no need to shut down the computer.
» Support high resolution: 2560*1600/60HZ, bandwidth: 570MHz.
» No software or driver required.
» Switch mode: button on the front panel; IR remote controller.
» Panel indicator shows the current status.
» With audio switch.
Use Instruction :
» Button switch: Press the button on the switch panel and switch it freely.
» IR remote controller switch: Press the button on the IR remote controller and switch it freely.
» Scanning: Press the button on the panel or the button of the IR remote controller for all the audio and video scanning.
Installation :
» Please use the standard audio and VGA cables.
» Connect one end of the audio, VGA cable to the audio, VGA port of the computer and connect the other end to the "AUDIO IN""VIDED IN" port to the VGA switch.
» Connect output of the audio and VGA to the voice box (headphone) and monitor.
» Check the connection cable, make sure all the cables are in correct connection state.
» Connect the power supply, the "POWER" light will be on.
» Turn on the computer.
 Parameters :
Model BNVS-41-IR-450MHz
Product Name 4 port VGA & audio switch
PC Interface 4
Output Interface 1
Connection Interface 3.5Audio/VGA HDDB 15Pin
Switch Buttons on the Remote Controller 1,2,3,4
Scan Button on the Remote Controller 5
IR Effective Range 10Meters
VGA Resolution 2560*160/,60HZ
Bandwidth 570MHZ
Weight 0.475
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.3 x 8.9 x 4 cm
Shell Metal
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