8 IN 1 OUT VGA Switch W/Audio W/Remote

Description :
Bestnet VGA switch allows users to connect up to 8 VGA-based computers, DVRs or media players to single monitor, projector or flat TV with VGA port. Easy way to share one LCD monitor between multiple VGA source devices, eliminating the hassle of constantly swapping cables between devices and monitor/display or expand the monitor display with more video/audio inputs.
Designed to meet the most demanding requirements for the video/audio signal switching, this all-purpose VGA/RGB video audio switcher offers cost effective means for fast switching with crystal clear audio output.
This professional A/V switcher unit is featured with 450Mhz high bandwidth and advanced signal amplifier/extender function through the internal booster circuitry, making it possible to handle long distance transmission up to 210 feet while maintaining superior video integrity with clear images and crystal sonic quality outputs all the way.
Maximum VGA resolution supported by this switching system can go up to 2048x 1536 pixels or 1080P for HD component RGB video type if proper adapter cables are used. It works with all computer VGA and HD component video sources such as PC, Mac, surveillance DVR, Blu-ray player, cable box, satellite receiver, video game consoles, etc.
This video/audio routing switch system is also very suitable for wide range of video/audio source switching applications related with Component YPbPr, YUV and all other RGB feeds when proper RGB video adapter cables are used for all RGB type inputs/output.
Features :
» All-purpose video audio switcher for computer VGA, RGB and component YPbPr type video signals.
» Active routing switch with external power supply.
» Convenient and cost effective means for swift switching of high resolution PC graphics and HD videos with clear audio for presentation.
» Smooth and fast switching between inputs with real-time output.
» Ultra high 450Mhz video bandwidth to guarantee high resolution signal integrity with no degradation during the cable run.
» Supports all high resolution computer VGA and RGBHV type video feeds up to maximum 2048x1536 pixels at 85Hz.
» Supports all high resolution computer VGA and RGBHV type video feeds up to maximum 2048x1536 pixels at 85Hz.
» Featured with signal booster/extender function and video enhancement circuitry built in for long range signal transmission up to 210 feet with high clarity video/audio output.
» Supports daisy-chain connection up to 3 layers with no signal loss and degrading, great feature for expanding the total number of computer inputs the setup.
» Audio routing along with video feed together via 3.5mm audio jacks for audio inputs and output.
» Supports all SD/HD component RGB and YUV video from 480i/576i to 1080p via optional component RGB adapter cables.
» Supports all RGB video signals from graphic workstations such as SUN, SGI and all other RGB equipments and displays by using proper adapter cables.
» Works with all VGA sources such as computers, media players and DVRs.
» Works with all component RGB video devices such as DVD player, HD camera, satellite, game console, cable box, etc.
» Easy and fast input switching via the push buttons on the front panel or via the included remote controller.
» Front panel LEDs for clear indication of input source selected.
» Full VESA DDC(DDC1, DDC2, DDC2B) compliance.
» Automatic gain compensation and equalization.
» 1U rack mountable design (rack ears sold separately).
» Built with sturdy metal enclosure for industrial use and professional installation.
» 5V DC switching power supply included with support of 110V-240V AC, 50/60Hz.
 Specification :
Video/Audio Inputs D-sub 15-pin female x 8
3.5mm stereo female x 8
Video/Audio Output D-sub 15-pin female x 1
3.5mm stereo female x 1
Resolution Support
2048x536 pixels up to 85Hz 
Component RGB
Resolution Support
480i, 576i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Max Video Bandwidth 450Mhz - 3dB
Operating Temperature 32 to 122 degree F ( 0 to 50 degree C)
Humidity Range 0% to 80% RH
Green LED Indicators PC Online x 8
Switching Power Supply 2 Green
Dimension 440(W) x 150(D) x 40(H) mm
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