2 Core Zip Chord OM4 Cable - Purple

Description :
Bestnet's OM4 is a laser-optimized, high bandwidth 50Ám multimode fiber. In August of 2009, TIA/EIA approved and released 492AAAD, which defines the performance criteria for this grade of optical fiber. While they developed the original "OM" designations, IEC has not yet released an approved equivalent standard that will eventually be documented as fiber type A1a.3 in IEC 60793-2-10.    
Why OM4?
As increased bandwidth requirements are called out in new installations, particularly 40 and 100 Gb/s standards, transmission distances over fiber optic cables contained in existing infrastructure may become increasingly limited. Increasingly, these higher bandwidth system requirements have dictated a need to transition from cost-effective multi-mode systems to more costly single-mode systems. Until Om4 was formally specified, many next-generation 40 and 100 Gb/s applications would have had to make the leap to single-mode system solutions. OM4 effectively provides an additional layer of performance that supports these applications at longer distances, thereby limiting the number of installations that truly require OS2 singlemode fiber. OM4 can provide a minimum reach of 125m over multimode fiber within the 40 and 100 GbE standards.    
Test Specifications :
OM4 bandwidth can be measured the same as OM3, but OM4 has more stringent test specifications. During the course of the development of the standard for OM4, OFS completed a study showing strong correlation between the DMD mask method and system failure. While the standard permits testing with either the DMD mask method or the calculated EMB method, Belden requires conformance to both methods to ensure consistent reliability of the OM4 fiber optic cabling products we offer.    
Test Requirement OM4 – 50 mm
OFL Bandwidth @ 850/1300 nm 3500/500 Mhz•km
EMB @ 850 nm 4700 Mhz•km
Minimum reach @ 1 Gb/s 1100/550m* (850/1300nm) 5
Minimum reach @ 10 Gb/s 550m* (850nm)
Minimum reach @ 40 & 100 Gb/s 125m* (850nm)
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