HDMI X HDMI Cable - V2.0

Description :
As high definition audio/video technology continues to advance, the specification for HDMI equipment and cabling is occasionally modified to ensure broad compatibility and maximum performance. Version 2.0 is the latest iteration of the HDMI spec, as issued by HDMI.
As per the HDMI specification, only four HDMI cable types exist: Standard Speed, Standard Speed with Ethernet, High Speed, and High Speed with Ethernet. The HDMI organization has put in place a rule that requires all HDMI cables to be marketed in this manner. Keep in mind that installing a cable supporting HDMI 2.0 features does not give your existing devices with previous HDMI specifications the ability to experience 4K x 2K resolution, 3D, audio return or Ethernet. New A/V equipment supporting these desired features is required in order to experience the newly specified features.
Features :
» Cable lengths : 1.5, 3, 5, 10 & 15 Mtrs
» 4k2k (2160P) which is 2 times the clarity of 1080P/60 video resolution.
» Supports resolution 1080P/60, 4k/30 & 4k/60 & transfer rate upto 18 Gbps.
» Deep color taking the HDTV palette from millions to trillions of colors.
» Upto 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience.
 Specification :
Item HDMI CABLE 2.0 Version
Conductor Bare copper
Jacket PVC
Connector HDMI Plug 19P, Durable 24K gold plated
Housing PVC moulded with metal shell
Shielding Aluminum foil and Braiding
Color Black
Ferrite core Yes
Application widely used in HDTV, EVD, HDVD, AMP, Home Theater, DVD player, projector, PS3, Xbox360, set-top boxes, Video wall etc.
Ordering Info :
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-1.5M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-03M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-05M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-10M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-15M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-20M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-25M
» BNHDMI-V2.0E-30M
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